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Caravan parks in France questions

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Question: Is our holiday money protected?

Answer: Yes all monies paid to us are covered by the T.T.A (Travel Trust Association) all funds are placed in a Trust account administered by the TTA. Each Booking is protected by a fidelity policy to a minimum value of £11,500.00.

Question: Your prices are very competitive against the bigger Holiday Companies. How do you do it?

Answer: The three main reasons we are competitive are:1. We feel we have to be able to get your attention. When Lifestyle Leisure SL was formed this was one of our main aims and we therefore planned our costs around being able to offer the same campsites in an equal standard of accommodation at a better price.

2. We sell direct to the customer and not through a Travel agent. There are no commission payments built into our prices. We feel that our holidays are specialist and we could not expect a travel agent to have the necessary knowledge of the campsites or accommodation to help in the booking process.

3. We are now a brochure less holiday, company. It is much cheaper for us to work and update our website regularly, than to print a brochure based on facts that are 12 month’s old by the time our customers see them. We also save on printing costs and postage which we feel we reflect in our prices.

Question: Can I request a brochure?

Answer: No we do not print them. If you feel there is something not covered in the literature on our website please let us know. If you feel you would like to see specific images please let us know. The internet enables us to update, change and review our sales policy in an instant. A brochure is limited by timescales to accuracy and print costs as to what we can show you about our holidays.We do print some in resort literature which can be picked up from our receptions at any of our campsites.

Questions: Do you own all your own mobile homes?

Answer: Mainly yes, Lifestyle Leisure SL own the majority of the accommodation we offer, but we also contract in accommodation direct from campsites who like ourselves who purchase the leading manufacturers mobile homes and only operate them for a maximum of 5 years. We also ensure that the same standards of customer service are offered by our partners.

Questions: Do you provide a BBQ?

Answer: Yes all our mobile homes come with BBQ either Gas or Charcoal depending on local fire restrictions.

Question: What is included in the price?

Answer: Our accommodations are equipped for 6 persons in a 2 bedroom model and 8 persons in 3 bedroom model. All cooking utensils and crockery are provided. Exterior patio furniture including parasol are provided. Camping La Baume, L’Hippocampe and La Sirene impose restrictions of maximum 6-7 persons per booking even in 3 bedroom mobile homes.

Question: Is Bed Linen provided or can we book it?

Bed Linen is Provided in Spain there are NO Towels included.
Towel Packs are available to Hire in SPAIN ONLY: 1 Beach, 1 Bath and 1 Hand Towel in a Pack
Towel Packs can be Pre Ordered at Castell Montgri or Delfin Verde up to 4 Weeks Before Departure for £ 12.00 p/pk
Towel Packs are also available on site at Castell Montgri, Delfin Verde and Vilanova Park for euros 15.00 p/pkFRANCE
Bed Linen is NOT Provided in France.
If you have decided to take your own Bed Linen you will need to take Sheets and Pillowcases.
Fleece Blankets and Pillows are Provided by us on site.
Bed Linen can ONLY be Hired for France up to 6 Weeks Before Your Departure Date
It is £ 17.00 per Double and £ 12.00 Per Single you also get ONE Bath Sized Towel per person in the French Bed Linen Packs.
It is not possible to Hire bed Linen when you on site

Question: Are Towels Provided?

Towels are not provided.Towel Packs are available to pre book for Castell Montgri and El Delfin Verde priced at £10 per pack (beach towel, bath towel, hand towel in each pack) Towel pack scan be rented on site at Vilanova Parl €15.00 per pack.

Towel Packs must be booked minimum 4 weeks before departure.

Towel Packs are available to hire at our Spanish campsites at €15 euro per pack.

If you book linen hire at any of our campsites other than Castell Montgri then Bath towels are provided in the linen pack.

Question: Can we take our Dog/Pets?

Unfortunately we do not allow any Pets in our accommodation. Additional liability insurance against animal attack or allergic reaction is too prohibitive for the amount of requests we get for this service.

Question: Are the mobile homes air conditioned?

All our mobile homes except those situated at La Croix du Vieux Pont, Chateau des Ormes, and Le Vieux Port have air conditioning.

Question: Do your mobile homes have decking?

Yes all our mobile homes have decking.

Question: Do you have Representatives on Site?

Answer: Yes we do. We employ more mature Representatives who we feel have a genuine love of the area in which they are living. We feel this provides a much better service in terms of professionalism, recommendations, timekeeping and assistance to our customers.

Question: Do you have a children’s club?

Answer: We do not run our own Kids Clubs however some of the Campsites we work with organise Daily Children’s Activities your children can use, these are usually only in July and August [Castell Montgri and Delfin Verde Kids Activities are in May & June also!]
Please see the Campsite’s Notice Boards or The Campsite Reception whilst you are on site for details.

Question: Can we Guarantee to be next to family and friends when booking more than one mobile home and can we choose our emplacement if we know where we would like to be placed?

Answer: Yes the New On-line Booking system will show you which EXACT PLOTS are available to Guarantee on THOSE EXACT DATES and you can view them on a Map of the Campsite. [Charges apply it is euros 7.00 per/night, per/Mobile Home to Guarantee a Plot]

if you are Booking more than one Mobile you will need to Book each Mobile Home separately
[Please use a Different Lead Name on Each Booking]

We cannot take requests re. Plots and Locations I’m afraid only the Plot Guarantees.
The Booking System will move any Bookings that do have not their plot guaranteed to make the most sales.
So if it is important to you it’s advisable to pay the Plot Guarantee.

Plot Guarantees must be made at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee any Plots Requests at any other stage after the initial booking is made.

Question: How does the 2016 booking procedure work?

Answer: Complete a price enquiry. If you wish to proceed click ‘Check Availability’ In our office hours Mon – Fir 8am – 6pm Sat 10am -4pm you will receive a response within minutes. Outside these hours we will respond the following morning.PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR QUOTE SECTION ON OUR WEBSITE DOES NOT DISPLAY REAL TIME AVAILABILITY. In order for us to offer our ‘PLOT GUARANTEE’ service we can not offer real time visual availability.

Question: How much is the Deposit?

Answer: The Deposit is Euros 125.00 p/week Booked [around £100.00 it is linked to the Exchange Rate]
so One Week is Euros 125.00. 8 Nights to 14 Nights is Euros 250.00 around £200.00],
15 Nights to 21 Nights is Euros 375.00 [around £300.00] etc.
The Balance is then Due 10 Weeks before Departure

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